AdvanceAg 2021 to showcase new on-farm technology

AdvanceAg 2021 to showcase new on-farm technology

The South Australian AgTech Conference will look to showcase the affordable specialization options farmers can make in 2021.

Self-driving automobiles and micro-drones that sow, spray and harvest crops are currently set to be among a variety of state-of-the-art agricultural expertise at AdvanceAge 2021.

Dr Lena Learn, Fair Chair of the South Australian Government’s Agtech Advisory Group, said organizers hope this year’s 23 July event builds on last year’s success.

“There are many agtech programs across Australia that demonstrate ‘blue sky’ expertise, but AdvanceAG aims to show farmers alternatives to affordable specialization that they will easily do,” Known said.

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“Not only will we now have a core audio system, but we may have a breakout period targeted at multiple industries and applied sciences.”

Last year’s lockdown made it slow and difficult for farmers to adopt agtech products, which means this year’s convention is crucial in reinvigorating uptake.

South Australian Chief Minister for Industry and Regional Development David Basham said the 2021 event would help increase the adoption of agricultural expertise.

“Eradicating borders for adoption is a priority,” he said.

“AdvanceAG 2021 provides a platform for farmers and expertise suppliers and everyone in between to collaborate.”

Minister Basham said the increase in agriculture-based expertise could return up to $2.6 billion a year to the South Australian economic system through increased productivity, cutting farm prices and the creation of additional sustainable practices. can.

Agtech Affiliate Director at BDO, Michael McColino, said the South Australian agtech industry offers the agricultural sector the potential to do more for less.

“Profitability, sustainability and increasing yields are truly the core value propositions that AgTech brings to South Australian farmers,” he said.

“Nevertheless, AgTech must be tailored to market and agricultural practices requirements to achieve these results.”

The audio system for AdvanceAG 2021 has yet to be unveiled, but is expected to feature some of the most talented people in the agtech industry, with Darren Thomas, CEO of Thomas Miles Worldwide, headlining last year’s event.

AdvanceAG can provide attendees with an opportunity to community and discover a variety of exhibitions at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

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